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the headline I want to see - Terrafactive Armageddon

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July 15th, 2004

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08:17 am - the headline I want to see

Capitol Bigots Stymied; Congress Buys a Clue

Which is probably why they don't let me write headlines.

All day yesterday I was wandering around with this cartoon vision in my brain, left over from Bloom County (or one of its kin), of a little old lady with an umbrella bopping Senators over the head as she asked them how they were prepared to vote.

Tangentially, I picked up my copy of the Portable Beat Reader the other evening. Perusing the introduction that discussed how the label developed as well as who the Beats were (and so forth) I was struck by similarities in the description of the political environment with today - not too unusual, given parallels that can be drawn between Korea/Viet Nam and Afghanistan/Iraq. But moreso I was struck by my reaction to the Beats reactions/motivations, at least as described by the author of the introduction: how touchingly naive, I thought.

I'm not sure why that was my particular reaction. Maybe it's the result of seeing what havoc the flower children grew up to wreak on the world, and how the majority of them have applied their ideals to the span of their lives. Aren't most of the grab-and-go corporate execs like Ken Lay from that generation? Maybe I'm just preternaturally jaded.

Well, that's the morning's babble fodder, at least.

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Date:July 15th, 2004 11:45 pm (UTC)
My mom keeps on reminding me that the hippies were the minority. And the flower children who had enough guts and motivation to make actual change rather than just be in the scene and give lip service are still probably the same percentage of the population as today. And I do know some adults who have held on tooth and nail to their hippie lifestyles and are still very active in the community. Unfortunately they are also still fond of taking their clothes off all the time... There's a bunch of them in Hawaii. Oh and Bellingham too. There has been drastic changes since those times, look at civil rights, national parks, and women's rights in the workplace. We're not totally there yet, but I couldn't live the lifestyle or make the choices I can now if I lived back then when the flower children were children.

I think the point is even a little dreaming has a purpose.

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