Joy (cithra) wrote,


On the other hand, I can usually calm the boiling blood by reading Whiskey Bar, where Bilmon provides such bons mots as:
It looks to me like at least some Republican-leaning libertarians (or libertarian-leaning Republicans) are finally gagging on the results of the Solid South's takeover of the GOP, which is creating a party that combines the economic excesses of Lyndon Johnson with the populist authoritarianism of Lester Maddox and the religious hypocrisy of Elmer Gantry.

Add just a dash of the Leninist factional politics of the student cafeteria at the City College of New York, circa 1938, and a pinch of the ghost of Ze'ev Jabotinski, and voila! you have the modern GOP - about as friendly to the anti-statist principles of modern Libertarianism as your average African kleptocrat.

Laughing outloud is good medicine.

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