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Even with the title mantra I can't read some news without my blood boiling. It's always because I expect truth[*] to be the default, I think. Too much scientific method in my background, looking to describe things in accurate, precise and repeatable terms. I forget that most people don't care, and some people take deliberate delight in distortion, and others simply view saying whatever will help them 'win' as necessary and required.

It's the attempt to amend the constitution regarding the definition of marriage, not surprisingly, that currently is pissing me off. I grew up in a fundy setting, and I remember the bruhaha over the ERA - that horrible proposed amendment to the constitution that would result in public unisex bathrooms (somehow more evil than the private unisexed bathrooms in everyone's homes - there I go with the logic again) and bring about the general downfall of the universe.

We as a nation can't pass an amendment that delineates basic human equality. And now this marriage nonsense, which patently ignores the majority of human history to make pompous pronouncements of moral turpitude. Bah. If they manage to pass this thing I'll be sick to my stomach - yes, I know that legislative mechanics are against it and I'm happy for once at how difficult some governmental things can be to accomplish, but yuk.

If I were married the passage of such a thing would make me think about getting divorced in protest, not that it would do any good. That's just the way my mind works. Oh well. One of the few good things I brought away with me from my fundy background was the ability to be comfortable holding a minority view.

[*] this isn't about semantics - truth in this case means a lack of deliberate prevarication about the nature and qualities of something, be it person, situation, or whatever.

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