Joy (cithra) wrote,

from hell's pit I sweat at thee

Yesterday was one of those interesting "look, there's your limit - whee, passing by now - *crash*" sort of days.

Ok, not nearly that dire. (I really must cop to that melodrama charge, I guess.) Physically, I made it to the gym (yay!) and then came home and crashed. Hence my extra early awakening, even for me.

Mentally I think was the most wearing aspect, though. I amuse myself; IDRS went from fear-inducing to boring after eight straight hours... I really, really don't like doing things I've never done before, on some level, in the sense that it is extremely wearing and stressful. I think I noticed it this time because the context was so unusual - it is rare that I am not interested in poking around with some new computer thing, interested enough that it completely counters the negatives.

On the other hand, batch processing has got to be one of the more dull computer-related endeavors extant - all the interesting stuff has already happened and you simply have a lot of waiting and (in this case) babysitting the connection. And the printing - the trees are never, ever going to forgive me.

It ate the whole damn day, and it's likely to do the same today. The worst of it is that you can't be logged into any other system while working on the processing I am doing, so I can't even check my email while I'm waiting. Or read LJ...

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