Joy (cithra) wrote,

5th of never

Why does the Eastside always give me a headache?

Today was one of the more god-ly visits with my mother, and therefore one of the less pleasant ones. I'm sure that had something to do with it, as no doubt my restraint in coffee-drinking this morning.

We tried to have breakfast at the B&O, but after 45 minutes of being ignored (apparently they brought us coffee initially simply so they could pass us by when it came time to refill our cups) we left and went to Charlie's. I wasn't up for Boyd's delicious blend of whatever happened to be the cheapest lot that week (coffee-snob alert *whoop* *whoop*) so I didn't have any there.

However, I know there is more to it than that. Even where there are trees they are so relentlessly landscaped it is almost painful, and there is no space not occupied by people, or the spoor of people, or the noise of people, or...

Granted, pre-migraine I often get really sensitive to smell, and noise - and my natural inclination to solitude only gets stronger. So perhaps the environment was not entirely to blame. But I can't really say that I'm sad to find out that Mom is considering moving to West Seattle (no escape!!) either this fall or next spring. I certainly prefer where she is now to where she was in Bremerton, but it is still kind of a production to go and visit.

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