Joy (cithra) wrote,

I think other people have already riffed on the independence day theme so I'll let it pass.

Lots of little tasks hanging around that I'd like to be on the other side of. But part of the glory of a three day weekend is I don't have to care about it today, really. It is nice to just say "nope, not dealing with it right this moment" and set the concern aside.

Roasted a couple more batches of coffee this afternoon. Back to a blend, we are - though I could happily stick with pure Sumatra til the end of my days, I think. We had a nice coffee this morning at the Sunlight Cafe that uly said might be Brazilian, in part. He described the flavor as 'tobacco-y' which made sense once he'd said it, although when I was initially trying to describe it to him I said 'dusty'. A positive characteristic, yes, despite the odd terminology.

Descriptions of tastes are always kind of funny to me - though at least as my palate has gotten (marginally) better developed I can begin to understand why people use the terms they do. When smaller I used be no end of tickled by reading descriptions on wine bottles. Who, I thought, would want to drink anything that tasted like oak?

As for what I was doing reading wine bottles, I read everything. Obsessively, almost. Bottles and boxes in the store, the shampoo bottle in the shower, signs wherever, labels and warnings on furniture... everything. Voraciously trying not to be bored.

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