Joy (cithra) wrote,

I did make it to Elliot Bay last night, briefly. They do know what they are doing - they had people lined up around the block for the Clinton signing, but organized in such a way that it didn't impede access to either the bookstore or the cafe. I was impressed.

I missed tani_chick though, and didn't stay too long after the cops showed up to begin securing the area. I was glad I left when I did once I got outside, as the crush of Mariner's fans alone was getting pretty thick. I think all of the folks there for the reading were already in line!

Did an impromptu wiring session when I got home and ran some ethernet cable up to my garret, then had a "this room is filthy!!" moment and had to tidy up. I think I got everything tacked up high enough so as not to garrote uly or cjo. It works, which is enough for me at the moment - I'll worry about aesthetics later.

Xiombarg, though, is wondering why the hell I haven't buggered off downstairs like I usually do in the morning, so she can get back to the serious business of napping undisturbed. Give me a moment, cat, and I'll be out of here and off to work, I promise.

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