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So, I'm essentially unpacked. My bosses boss came by and said how organized my cubicle looked - but I had to confess that my secret was I only had four boxes to unpack, unlike the ten or fifteen most people had. The benefit of having moved once already in April, combined with starting an entirely new job such that all I brought with me were two boxes, one of which was just records for long-term storage.

It's pretty quiet here. Doug and the other managers are clear around the corner and down at the northwest end of the building - I sit just south of the northeast corner. Then, of the four cubicles on my "aisle" only mine and one other are regularly occupied. The other two belong to people who are in and out, working at home because of health issues.

I have already had a couple of people remark on how quiet I am. This amuses me a bit because the second time was just after I was thinking I had just been talking to myself fairly loudly. Or, 'talking to the cat even when she's not there' if you prefer. I think part of the perception comes from the number of phone calls I get being very, very small. So I don't spend much time talking on the phone, and my voice isn't part of the background soundscape.

It also helps that the projects I am working on at the moment are light on paper, so my desk hasn't collected the drifts and piles of notes and documents that are its more usual accouterments. It is certain that the longer I'm here the more that will accumulate, until my true nature is revealed -- yes, one of my minor superpowers is the ability to generate or attract paper! If you lock me in an empty vault overnight - well, nothing will happen. After a week or so, though, you'll see a scrap of paper under the bed, a newspaper in the corner, just slowly trickling in from *somewhere*...

Now I get to go thread my way thru protesters and fans (Clinton, Mariners) to Elliot Bay. Or not - I can hear the protesters from here already. And the sirens...

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