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meanwhile, back in San Francisco...

It's been a while since I've had the inclination to sit down and document my life. I've had the time, more or less, but I have spent it doing other things. I remember a quote about journals/diaries being kept by the people who weren't out doing things – Dorothy Parker? Something about good girls having diaries and bad girls having lives, more or less. I doubt that a half-orc blacksmith is the kind of life being referred to, however.

So yes, Nordock continues to entertain me. We've even had some people I don't immediately know show up to play now and again. I like the versatility – if you want to go hack-n-slash raiding, you can. If you want to do the tradeskills, do that. Or both – and just because it is a multiplayer game doesn't mean it requires you to be in a party to make any progress or keep from being killed. I appreciate that I can take a character out solo and still come back with some XP and my skin intact.

How did it get to be three-quarters of the way through June?

I did something to my shoulder about a week and a half ago, and it was bad enough this past weekend that I came home from Sunfest early, via the train. On Monday I went in to the doctor and got some painkillers and muscle relaxant, which helped me sleep. It seems to be on the mend.

The little I was at Sunfest was ...problematic? I'm searching for a word here that isn't presenting itself. I'll write more about the specifics later, or at least that is the plan. Something about how going to the woods with 250 of your closest pals doesn't make for solitude, and how it is probably a good thing that most rituals leave out the 'better to die on the point of this sword than bring discord into the circle' bit these days. The weather was gorgeous, the stars were amazing (aside: we've put an astonishing amount of junk up in the sky, though. I remember watching fruitlessly for satellites when I was younger, and seeing one or two an evening was an event. These days it's like the orange cone game – just try going 60 seconds without spotting one...), the location was beautiful, and the people I was there with were delightful. Hroom, hrooom, more later.

Another reason for the thundering silence is we are moving at work. It's only from one floor to another – from the 30th to the 16th – but there are 20-odd of us, plus files and filing cabinets and all the normal office detritus. I, being new to the department and therefore not snowed under with other projects, have been assigned to the move committee. Most of what I have been doing is playing spreadsheet jockey and leaving the command decisions to other people, but it is still sort of stressful. I think another measure of just how much better this job/group is for me happens to be how comparatively UNstressed I am about the entire business. Tomorrow is the big day when they come and disconnect all of our IT equipment, etc. and people have been boxing up their files and possessions all week. Over the weekend the movers will come in and do the actual shifting of the boxes, so we have to have everything packed and labeled to go by the end of the day tomorrow. We will lose computer access around noon, when they come and start disconnecting us.

My part in this will be to run around and make sure everything that needs a label has one, and has the correct cubicle number on it, and so forth. I've been doing a fair bit of that in advance, though, so it shouldn't turn out to be too much of a chore. I don't usually think of myself as high-end organized, but as it turns out it's mostly a matter of degree – I'm more organized than many, it is true. So I'm happy enough to be part of the move committee even if it does add some stress to my life. I'm not doing it alone, and that helps a good deal as well. And besides, life goes on. We'll be a whole 15 floors away from our current spot – if we forget something it's not like we have to drive a zillion miles back from Spudbottom, Oklahoma to pick it up.

The cool news of the domestic variety is that thanks to the largess of Mykque I have a new Powerbook and iPod. I'm still settling into the system a bit, but so far I like them. Now for the transfer of my music onto my machine(s) – which won't take as long as some, but will still take longer than my 'instant-gratification-takes-too-long' wishes desire.

I think I'm going to take my mom to the new SF museum this weekend, charter member that I am. Mind you, not having gotten my membership packet makes me a little concerned, but I do have several emails confirming my status. I suppose I can print them out as evidence. I've seen a number of advertisements for the museum around town, they're pretty cute.

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