Joy (cithra) wrote,

Long (subjectively) day today, but reasonably fulfilling in that I got the problem solved in time to go home on time/early. But I'm still feeling wiped out. Napped a little but it didn't really help too much.

My room is approaching warmer than I care for, so I imagine it is time to figure out where and how to set up the fan for optimal cooling.

I find myself strangely obsessed with how the word llama in Spanish refers to what you call yourself name-wise and has nothing to do with Peruvian quadrupeds. I wonder if that is the seed of the llama sketch from Monty Python? Plus I can't see the word without hearing
The one l lama, he's a priest
the two l llama, he's a beast
but I will bet a silk pajama
that there is no three l lllama
bouncing along as well...

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