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Had my first Conversational Spanish class today - 30 minutes at lunch every Wednesday for the next eight weeks. We aren't allowed to take notes as she wants us to focus on speaking/listening - we get handouts for homework, though. This led to me discovering that I tend to visualize words as part of learning them - I couldn't have done that with English, though... Granted I learned to read extremely early, but I have serious doubts that it preceded my learning to speak. Alternately, since I don't remember learning to read, perhaps I was born knowing how to do it. **cough**

It was fun. I imagine it will be a good way to tie together the dribs and drabs I've picked up here and there over the years. If I'm really lucky I'll be able to improve my accent enough that I no longer sound like a confused Francophone who mistakenly wandered too far southwest.

No knitting tonight since I thought this morning was Tuesday and failed to bring any. Moh.

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