Joy (cithra) wrote,


Didn't get to sit down for the first two hours of today, and didn't get lunch until 1:30 pm. This was all move-coordination stuff, and I'm still not finished with updating all of my information. But I had to take a break before the white noise in my pretending-to-be-sleep-deprived brain drowned all cogent thought.

We were doing a walk-through to double-check my equipment list of what-goes-where was complete, and to show the facilities person we are working with the sort of things we were going to be having them move. Also going over whether they can add the seven or eight extra LAN connection jacks we'd like, for printers mostly. We are going to have very little wiggle room and essentially NO extra space in our new digs - certainly no empty cubicles. We'll fit, but it will be a ...taylored situation, so to speak.

We may actually have to be sewn into our clothes, to push the metaphor.

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