Joy (cithra) wrote,

morning bits

Breakfast at Endolyne Joe's again - I love their oatmeal. Cranberries in it, and served with brown sugar, milk and nuts (walnuts? pecans? I give them to uly because while I like nuts by themselves, I do not like my oatmeal to be crunchy) and a side of toast. I rarely make it through the whole bowl, but I was extra hungry this morning. Garyq and Heather made it out for the first time I'd seen them in a while. That was nice.

Garyq at least understood my outrage that Congress has tried, after twenty or thirty years of slowly chipping away at it, to put the final bullet in the head of the Posse Comitatus Act.

For more outrage, further down the page, we find that
The House rejected, 221-202, the amendment offered by Rep. Susan Davis, D-Calif., to repeal the current ban on servicewomen and female military dependents from obtaining abortions at overseas military hospitals even if they pay for them with their own funds.
So what happens then, if you are serving overseas and you become pregnant, if you are essentially forced to carry the child to term? Drag the tot with you on patrol through Bagdad? Or do they rotate you home, or muster you out, or what? Apparently those considerations are lost on the whodathunkit male GOP anti-folk:
Opposition to the amendment was led by Rep. Jim Ryun, R-Kan., who said it would "simply turn our military hospitals overseas into abortion clinics." Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., said "our military doctors our supposed to protect lives of our soldiers, not take the lives of babies."
Idiots and assholes both. Bah.

Forgot, however, to ask Garyq if he'd followed my link to Harry of Five Points, courtesy of Making Light. As TNH puts it: Shakespeare by Damon Runyon by John M. Ford. If you have a drink in hand when you go to read this, put it down and back away. Definite c>n>k potential.

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