Joy (cithra) wrote,

broken notes

I'm working a credit hour, so I'm taking my break. Like you care - anyway.

Coming home yesterday on the bus we sailed by a commotion I'm unable to find any news about: the Eastbound lane of the West Seattle bridge was at a standstill because a group of police officers had stopped a vehicle and were approaching it, guns drawn. They had one person, I presume this was checking to make sure he was the only occupant, since they downed weapons as we were passing.

It's like living in a double world, sometimes - I'm never aware of the events reported in my neighborhood, and I can never find reporting of events I happen to see.

Not such a big deal, I suppose, except for the complete shut down of West Seattle Bridge traffic at 4:45 p.m. You'd think someone might have notice/commented on that, at least. Eh, or I'm searching on the wrong terms when I choose 'west seattle bridge' and 'police' and so forth.

I've been working on my security reports, the biggest problem so far is how to say essentially the same thing five times over without boring myself. 4 down, 1 to go.

Kashka did me the pleasure of visiting my room yesterday just long enough to puke on my bed. How do I know it was him? Xiombarg doesn't usually hiss at her own effluvia. More Laundry!! yeah, I was going to wash that stuff soon anyway.

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