Joy (cithra) wrote,

Well, this has been an entertaining morning. Discombobulated the lamp by the espresso machine first thing, so had to fish around in the dark to find the piece that dropped off and fell behind the table to put it back together. This piece was amazingly recalcitrant, resisting brooms, sticks and pretty much all other attempts to collect it until I had pulled everything out from under the table where it was stacked to get behind to where the piece was.

Then I got the damn thing reassembled, and a shot finally pulled only to discover that the beans from last night's tasting had not been swapped back out of the espresso grinder, so all that had been for decaf. *blink*

Then I remember - oh yes, forgot to get laundry out of dryer last night. Troop downstairs and collect same. Return upstairs to find my excuse for a windows box has decided to check out completely - won't even reboot. So I'm left to ssh-ing across the universe to collect my email from various boxes, and I'm less than certain I got it all because of course I'm a lazy bitch, and automated the things I wanted done long enough ago that I can't remember what-all bases I decided to cover, at least not at this time of the morning.

And then there's the cheery news that people are still idiots of various sorts, the most recent example being that explicated[*] by rjl20 in his post about "free" speech. [insert blood-curdling scream] Where do they find these people??

I don't know about knitting, I don't even know if I can find my afaghan at this point. Grmple.

[*edited 2:30 p.m.] Argh, explicated NOT exculpated. My humblest apologies, Josh, for implying you were in any way less irked by these folks than I am, or in any way apologetic for them. *cringe* I abjectly beg your pardon, and ask that you please apply the offending word to me, instead.

Note to self: triple-check ex- words posted before 7 a.m.

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