Joy (cithra) wrote,

wildlife observations

Saturday on the way to the gym, we stopped to let a person in a wheelchair off near the Junction, and I noticed a pair of eagles out over the bay. I like seeing them because they are so huge compared to other birds. One was just circling, the other was circling and boredly dodging the harassment of what were probably crows.

There is a dead squirrel on the front lawn of the church across the street, in front of which I catch the bus. I thought it was odd when I first saw it, as it was lying on its back with all four paws up in the air. But it is quite dead, and has been going through the decay process slowly and surely. That in itself is odd to me, since I would have thought someone would have come and tidied it away by now - either from the church itself or from one of the bus riders who use the stop calling the city, or something. I have trouble believing that no one else has noticed it. I haven't called it in because I'm interested in the process...

Over the years I have read a number of what I think of as 'nature memoirs' - like Never Cry Wolf or Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. You'll be reading along, and the author will say something like "Thus I found myself sharing the household with a colony of ants." and you think ah, how delightfully nature-filled this person's life must be. Then, perhaps, you may find yourself sharing your domicile with a colony of ants, at which time you discover (at least in an urban setting) it is not so much quaint and naturalistic as it is downright annoying and creepy. *shudder* It seems the entire neighborhood has ants this season - walking down the sidewalk I wonder why the slabs of the path haven't simply tilted up and slid into the abyss from the tunneling, given the number of exit holes present between them. I imagine the ones we see trying to share our home were simply crowded out of their normal area by overpopulation. Unlike with the spiders, the cats seem like they couldn't possibly care less, even as the ants are making off with their food - something the spiders don't do, as far as I know.

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