Joy (cithra) wrote,

night and morning

faintheart and I went to see Kill Bill vol. 2 last night. I sort of knew where it was going because of a comment rimrunner made after she saw it, but most of the fun is in the getting there, really.

Then, because I was really wide awake for various reasons, I played NWN for ...a while. The cool thing about that was that since it was late, and no one else in the house was up, Xiombarg came downstairs and sat with me. It may be a silly thing to say, but I kind of miss being interfered with by the cat when I'm on the computer.

This morning we breakfasted at Endolyne Joe's. They certainly know their way around a bread product. And they will give you a huge bowl of oatmeal with cranberries in it, and pecans & brown sugar to put on it, if you so desire.

Now I launder, and will later be cupping coffee for taste analysis with uly and cjot.

Oh, and a bright & happy Beltane, May Day, Labor Day, and the beginning of the May Bonk Holidays, in the UK at least. (That last is a refreshingly free of moralizing celebration of coitus al fresco, too delightful.)

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