Joy (cithra) wrote,

The multi-player Neverwinter Nights configuration is being difficult. One of the things we found along the way, though, is a module someone wrote that replicates Diablo I/Hellfire. That was weird - I kept trying to use the old Diablo commands instead of the Neverwinter Nights commands. Muscle memory is funny.

Did I mention I picked up a biography of Tom Stoppard at Half Price books the other day? It's kind of an odd read. Strangely repetitious in places - I can't decide if it needed more editing or what. Haven't given up on it yet, but it's more work to read than I had hoped. I may just skim it (the horror!) to pick up the highlights.

Still liking my job. I'm starting to do more of my new work than the old, slowly. Spent a chunk of yesterday writing up some procedures for things I did for the old group. Makes me realize I did more for them than I perhaps thought. I sent a couple of work friends work of my job change - people I used to work with but who are in different parts of the building/organization now - got some congratulatory email and phone calls back.

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