Joy (cithra) wrote,


I just had the strangest deja vu experience. One of my new colleagues was standing by my desk, talking to me about the network printer over by his desk. He mentioned that the printer in particular did duplexing, and I suddenly had the feeling I had done this before, but for a change I remembered when and why.

I had dreamed the scene about three weeks ago. I remember waking up from the dream (in my new room at my new place) and being annoyed that I had been dreaming about work - I spend enough time there already, damn it. Then I thought about it a bit, amused at how the guy I had been talking to in the dream was unknown to me, but oddly familiar. I wrote that down to the (il)logic of dreams, thought to myself "I'm such a geek that I dream about printer configurations, no less!" and went on with my day.

The equations don't care if they run forward or backward, indeed.

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