Joy (cithra) wrote,

I am accomplished

Doing laundry, sorting boxes. I meant to do laundry yesterday while playing Neverwinter Nights, but the laundry portion of the equation sort of fell through.

I got a box of papers sorted out, though. Discovered the shredder doesn't work, but that's ok. It still makes a great recycle receptacle. Found some papers I needed to get some clothing from before the surgery cut down - the items and the paperwork had gotten separated. I knew where both of them were, it was just a matter of getting to them.

I still have too much stuff, but at least I don't have to constantly look at it.

Oh, I roasted two loads of coffee yesterday. My addition to the household has sent the coffee consumption rate off the scale. [So it's a small scale, what?] So it's only fair that I take on some of the preparation... well, ok, mostly I just think it is fun. And when you're done, you have -- coffee!!

Oh, I found a set of knitting needles I'd forgotten I had. Circular, metal, quite small - I remember I got them for doing the cuffs of my sweater back ago. I think I prefer the non-metal circular needles I've worked with, though. Still working on my patchwork afghan. I'm about halfway through the yarn bits & pieces I'd designated to go into the project.

And now to figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Well, after I pull my laundry out of the dryer in an hour or so, at least.

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