Joy (cithra) wrote,

how strangely pleasing to be happy

I'm not sure if my new group is extra-welcoming, or if I've simply been suffering a tediously cold winter the past few years at work. But I have to say it is extremely gratifying in either case to be welcomed with excitement and pleasure, as after a long journey. The usual case in W&I, from whence I came, is to keep personnel movements highly secretive and under wraps - for example, while there might have been rumors I was leaving the group, for the last five months only my boss, her assistant and my physically co-located coworker knew about the transfer languishing in limbo.

In contrast, Doug apparently told his folks from day one, and they've been waiting with antici--pation for my arrival ever since. Um, wow. Okay, I'm well aware that no job is perfect, but I think this one is going to be much more to my liking. The people all seem cool, they seem to work together well - the energy of the group feels good.

Even the only fly (and you know there's got to be one) is fairly easily dealt with, and kind of amusing to boot. Back when I first started working as a secretary at the IRS, one of the senior secretaries who trained me was a mildly abrasive (but fairly efficient) woman by the name of Joanne. We got along fine, professionally - but I wasn't terribly sad when our paths diverged. Well you know, lo and behold she's the department secretary.

Like I said, we get along fine professionally - and as far as abrasive personality goes, I've been dealing with far worse cases in the interim. She'll probably seem all soft and fluffy now, by comparison. I don't think she'd even want my job, so I doubt there will be any weird jealousy issues.

So, yeah. So far so good - I'm wrapping up the last couple of projects for my old group, and starting a couple of new ones for Doug. So I'm likely to be busy for the next while - but I'm okay with that. Really, that's part of the point. I don't mind working, or working hard - but I hate having to sit around being constrained to be in a particular place if there's nothing to do. If I'm slacking, I want to be free to go wherever.

I don't think, in my new spot, that this is going to be a problem. Heh.

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