Joy (cithra) wrote,

this is what comes of napping

sharkins bonfire yesterday was lovely, as was the trip up and back. And of course there being fire, we stayed quite late, getting home quite later. So today was patchy napping, with occasional bursts of Diablo II, for the most part.

bookish_girl_ and her husband came and put a large part of my chaos into order, and it feels so much better. In fact, I attribute the second (insanely long) to being able to relax more than has been the case. It's too weird, I have never been this disturbed by this sort of thing before. Now look, brain - no changing the rules just as I'm figuring them out.

Some of the dozyness (mental & physical) is probably actually physical tiredness. The last time I exercised in a program this structured was, um, eighth grade. It becomes increasingly clear that if I am put in charge of what I do for how long when, I slack off big-time. Meh - I'm still coming to terms with this whole corporeality business, anyway.

Right, I think I'm ready to go back to bed, for proper/real.

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