Joy (cithra) wrote,

the western shore II

uly and I were extolling the virtues of Metro service to downtown from our house this morning, but I fear I extolled to soon. That or as a special service to me they canceled the two express buses I hauled myself early out to the stop to catch. It was half an hour (and one local bus) before my usual M-Th express bus arrived and whisked me downtown. Which really only proved our point, as my bus pulled up to our 1st & Union stop two coaches ahead of the local piloted by the driver who rolled his eyes at me when I told him I was waiting for the express.

This experiment in West Seattle habitude is going much better because of Metro, I think. I have a number of routes home to choose from (instead of one), and it is much easier to stop at the store or the gym or whatever on the way home. Funny what 20 blocks will do - and thus do I expose my hinterlands roots. Heh.

There's hardly anyone in the office today, and it's hard not to make up some excuse to leave early.

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