Joy (cithra) wrote,

I got a letter Thursday from Clarion West, and I thought oh no - rapid news is usually bad. But it was simply a confirmation that they had received my application. For some reason, it was very strange to see the title of my story there, where I wasn't expecting to see it, or perhaps rather where I had not written it myself.

Speaking of stories, a hearty round of congratulations to icebluenothing, who has a book coming out, just in time for Norwescon. Counting From Ten and Other Stories, from Stone Pine press. I'm tickled way past pink out into the infrared. Not only am I thrilled to see a friend and admired fellow writer succeed, I've really enjoyed everything of his I've had the privilege to encounter. Now I can have my very own copy to read other days than Halloween. Selfish, selfish - it's all about me, see!

On a totally other note: Ted, if you're up, give me a call. I am constitutionally unable to telephone someone before 8 a.m. unless it's an emergency or I know they work the night shift.

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