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heretical moi

I must be the only SF/comics geek on the planet who never liked the Spiderman comics. They just never grabbed me - the women seemed irritatingly sappy, Peter Parker struck me as whiny, J. Jonah Jameson as petty and vindictive for no good reason... I don't know, another case perhaps where a story full of 'realistic' characters smacks into my feeling that I know plenty of irritating people in Real Life - why would I want to encounter them in my chosen escapes from Real Live (books, movies, comics).

I go back and forth as to whether I will see the movie. Here's a testament to my utter disinterest - I haven't been following the J. Michael Strazinski-penned version of the Spiderman comics, even. So direction by Sam Rami and the presence of Willem Dafoe, while reasonable lures, have yet to be strong enough to drag me in. It's rapidly approaching the point where everyone who could drag me to see it with them has already seen it... so soon I may be the only SF/comics geek on the planet who hasn't seen the film, as well.

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