Joy (cithra) wrote,

it's a dark future. (Special Dark, that is.)

There is a little snack bar on the fourth floor of my building at work. I have, on occasion, been known to purchase snacks there - not every day, but maybe two times a week.

They have a habit of ceasing to stock anything I buy with any regularity, however. Now, I know that sounds overly self-absorbed. But, I started out buying SweetTarts. They stopped having them, so I started buying Skittles (red pkg). They no longer carry Skittles - they have these weird Skittle-squares that come in a resealable package, but not the kind I was buying. I started buying Almond M&Ms. Soon, no more Almond M&Ms were available.

Now all of these things could be considered somewhat esoteric, in terms of candy offerings. So I've been telling myself that it's a fluke of strangely rotating stock, or something.

Until today. I have been buying the occasional plain, normal Hershey's chocolate bar. Sort of the Ur-chocolate-bar, if you will. The sort of thing that no self-respecting candy stand would be without, in any sane version of the universe at least.

Today - no plain Hershey's bars. They weren't tucked under anything else, they weren't in a different spot - they were gone. In their place, Special Dark Hershey's and Nestle Crunch. But NO PLAIN HERSHEY BARS.

"Oh," you say, patting me on the head. "They were probably just out, they'll get another order in tomorrow." No - the distributer was there, stocking his little heart out.

I suppose if I'm to be at the center of a conspiracy this is a relatively benign one, I'm probably better off in the end. No grassy knolls, no sunken cities, no strange statuettes of vaguely disgusting mien.

Just some bewildered taste-buds.

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