Joy (cithra) wrote,

So I am moved in, in the sense that I am here, my cat is here, my stuff is here. But there are, of course, the basic morning routine things that I don't quite know how to manage in the new place. Since it isn't entirely mine, I can't exactly just go rooting through cupboards and tossing things over my shoulders behind me while I look for, oh, the coffee.

"What do you mean?" you must be thinking. Do you not reside now in the long-fabled Palace Of Coffee? Well, yeah - if I knew how to work the fancy grinder and thought I could remember how to run the espresso machine without making it explode. Not the best foot to get off on with new housemates, exploding their espresso machine.

I have coffee beans, and my own grinder, and I only know where the latter of the two are. Except for some green coffee.

This is all my own fault, of course. I don't actually expect much sympathy. I just feel like whining.

I did manage to get myself clothed, and the cat has all of her needs seen to. Though she is muy cranky, more so because against my advice she came downstairs with me, which was fine until the other two household cats came to investigate. So I sent her back upstairs, which made her more cranky.

Yes, cjot and uly have now got cranky women in black living in their attic.

Of course, I have to go back up there and retrieve the 14 things I need for the work day that I didn't bring down with me the first time, like keys and medications. This is the "change sucks" part of the program. Fortunately it is scheduled to be a short intermission rather than something Wagnerian in proportion.

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