Joy (cithra) wrote,


After a medium-sized hiatus, I'm getting lots of ink-cartridge spam again, and (as nihilistech pointed out the other day) much less of the dada variety. Poetry doesn't pay amongst spammers, even!

The plan is to knit this afternoon, but I may be doing it by proxy - the only yarn I've got at the moment is pretty crap acrylic stuff I inherited from somewhere. The rest has been packed off to my new digs. I've tried casting a couple of things on, and it's sheer torture to get the stuff to behave. Maybe I'll attack it with a crochet hook. There has to be something useful I can do with it...

My mom really liked her tribble scarf from the eyelash yarn. I continue to be amazed at how easy they were to make compared with how they look.

Another sign of spring - the finely dispersed fog of cat hair that now accompanies Xiombarg in her daily rounds. (Think Pigpen from the animated Peanuts specials.)

Now there's a helicopter circling around out there outside my window. Traffic? or something more sinister...

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