Joy (cithra) wrote,

springy addenda

After crowing about not needing a coat, coming out of the building yesterday afternoon to see the puddles on the plaza was amusing. But the best thing about spring is that even the rain is fecund. The drops are huge and plashy, and the wind kicks them about - it's not serious, settled-in rain, it's more like laughter. I still didn't need a coat!

Then, at the top of the Madison hill, the sun came out again and there was a HUGE rainbow to the east. I had to call faintheart because he's got the view to appreciate it, 65 floors in the air. I think I confused the receptionist - how many messages about rainbows does one normally relay? - but the word got through.

Then I came home and read a book I didn't know I had. I must have gotten it at a convention, I don't remember buying it... City of Pearl, by Karen Traviss (the prologue is online) - which I notice is listed with a publication date of March 2004.

It was pretty good - strong characters, quite a bit going on but all well-handled. Some interesting choices in her future history, and a lot of 'green' content; most of the characters were well-rounded and she does a bit of playing with stereotypes. A pleasant surprise considering I didn't have idea one what I was getting into, silting down. Aha - turns out she's a Clarion East alumna. *nod*

I'm at home today - I've got people coming to collect stuff, plus I was thinking I probably needed a mental health day in here somewhere.

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