Joy (cithra) wrote,

returned from Redmond

...where I had been ferried this afternoon by faintheart so I could show my mom how to send an attachment by email. I'd walked her through it on the phone, but apparently things went awry.

Turns out she had the attaching part down fine, but was having trouble finding the proper file to attach, because XP helpfully hid it someplace other than the My Documents folder where it's put everything else she's ever done.

I don't mind - in fact I mind showing my mom computer stuff even less than I mind showing people at work, which isn't much. This is a woman who bathed once a week and went places by horse and carriage in her youth - she's doing just fine, tyvm. May I cope so well with such changes when I am her age!

What fortitude was needed was more along the lines of forbearance and tongue-biting at her comment on the headlines about the favorable ruling towards the lesbian Methodist pastor. More because I just avoid religious conversations in general with Mom, as I am too great a devotee of logic and things always devolve into her bearing her testimony, making a leap of faith and expecting me to jump off the bridge after her. Ah well.

We also visited an odd store called Tuesday Morning, apparently a liquidators. I found a 'yoga beginner's kit' and now proudly possess a mat with carry-bag, two blocks and a strap. This will make doing the Yoga for Relaxation exercises I have on DVD much easier - since the makers seemed to assume you already possessed this stuff at the outset, and I was having trouble with a number of the poses. I'm sure I'll still have trouble, but hopefully of a different kind.

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