Joy (cithra) wrote,

I watched Lost In Translation last night.

It was eminently well-made, very smooth and densely nuanced. Like a perfectly made dark chocolate mousse, that you can hold on your tongue and taste layer after layer of a magnificent fusion of texture and flavor.

The gentleman who rented it to me described it as "a vacation of a movie" and I believe I see what he was getting at - it is definitely one of those the-journey-is-more-important-than-the-destination stories, and it manages to be so without finding the need to slap you upside of the head with that label like someone wielding a dead fish.

It was interesting to watch the bonus material with Sophia Coppola, where she indicated several times that she had really wanted Bill Murray to play the lead, to the extent of not admitting not wanting to make the movie if he didn't accept the role. I wasn't so much dubious about his ability to play the part - I think he's a very talented actor - but I was not sure that I would appreciate what he brought to it, as many of his characters have something to them that grates ever-so-faintly on me, just enough to be distracting. I was pleasantly surprised to find that abrasive edge restrained, here, for the most part.

I can see why people liked it, I think. I don't mean by that to say I didn't. Be it training or heritage or both, Sophia Coppola has got it and good - that talent for handing you a film like a well-made item that, on the surface looks like any other of its peers, but the closer you look, the more you see how deeply the quality of it penetrates.

As such, though, I feel I may have been expecting too much when I found it not to be as revelatory as some of people's reactions implied. I can't quite figure out how to say this, and it makes me wonder if I failed to apprehend the point. I guess my confusion is whether the film is meant to inspire a feeling of revelation vs. a feeling of recognition. I doubt it is either/or - that's an artifact of phrasing - but where along the continuum it is meant to fall, I'm not sure.

I could certainly sympathize with the insomnia, though.

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