Joy (cithra) wrote,

ok, the names thing

This takes some remembering. I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

If you call me Joy, we probably first met "in real life" - via job or school.
If you call me the Matriarch, you're from the SFFC or the old sea-goth list.
If you call me cithra, you know me from on-line fairly recently (last five years or so).
If you call me Frog, you're Becky R. from high school. (Wish I could remember her last name, I wonder what she's up to these days.)
If you call me Mean, you're probably lived or hung out in The Gutter (Bellingham, ~1986).
If you call me Joy-Joy, you're probably quixoticfish.
If you call me Ralph, you weren't paying attention when you read your email/roster/whatever. Or you're Ed Rubesch.
If you call me Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-alph! (imagine a bark), you're definitely Ed Rubesch.
If you call me Mr. Ralph, you're a telemarketer.
If you call me Joyce, you weren't paying attention when we were verbally introduced or you're making assumptions.
If you call me Sister Ralph, you're mighty confused.
If you call me Joy-to-the-World, your surpassing cleverness has just earned you a ticket to the closest Emergency ward, at least in the fantasy world in my head.

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