Joy (cithra) wrote,

stupid human tricks

So, one of the bright stars of humanity - let's call him Todd, that being his name - that lives down the hall from me has been the nexus of a shitload of sound and fury this evening. This brilliant specimen - perfumed, pomaded, and dressed like Angel on a bad hair day betakes himself and his similarly attired companion off for a little Friday night fun. No harm in that, surely. What am I, some sort of anti-hair-grease prude?

Well, things become a trifle less well and good when part of what he leaves behind is some sort of leaking water device - tub, toilet, sink I know not - that proceeds to flood his apartment and drip into the unit below. Where the smoke alarm and fire alarm system promptly go off.

I'm not entirely certain of the antecedents, but I'm guessing they must have done some research into the effects of certain types of sonics, because the damn klaxon here not only sends my cat to the exact unreachable center of under the bed, it gives me a frickin' headache every bloody time.

So I wedge myself under the bed and extract the cat, who refuses to go into the box/carrier. Fuck it, I say, since prying her out from under the furniture has already consumed a good four or five minutes. I was actually pretty sure it wasn't a drill, even before talking to the cute firefighter woman - I'd smelled something odd walking up the hill on the way home - so at that point I grabbed a sweatshirt, wrapped it around her, snagged my keys and headed outside.

She was really good, even though she was scared enough to pee all down my front, poor thing. That made me glad she wasn't in the box, actually. The firefighters showed up just as I was going outside, so fortunately a few minutes later the alarm stopped. I heard a couple standing near by mention they were on the 7th floor, and were heading back in, so I went along (if only to have someone else open the doors - it was hard enough getting out with an armful of cat). Turns out they live across the hall from Todd, and were acquainted with the problem, though I'm not sure how...

In any case, upon re-entry the firefighters confirmed what the folks I'd followed in had said, and asked me to call the manager. Which I did, although I don't think it did much good - there's a place in the message to press 0 for an operator, but all I could get was a fast busy. So I left a message in hopes it might get picked up before too long.

Todd had showed up just after the firefighters, and seemed blissfully unrepentant. Which I suppose isn't too surprising from the sort of person who would wander off from a flooding whatever without any concern for the consequences. Dolt.

So that was the excitement for the evening, terribly overshadowing Hidalgo. I'm just glad I got home when I did - I'd only just come in when the alarm went off, and strangely enough I'd rather have the cat pee on me than on the carpet. I'm far easier to launder, for one thing...

One less thing to miss when I move. Hoi.

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