Joy (cithra) wrote,

many thank-yous

Cheers and good tidings to:
  • bookish_girl_ and her husband, who brought their truck and strength to my apartment last night. We moved two truckloads of stuff over to my new place.

  • cjot and uly who carried lots of things, then fed us a delicious dinner.

The stairs were daunting, but we conquered them! The boxes were legion, but we piled them! We took three bookshelves and their attendant books over, leaving one and a half empty behind.

...and the apartment still looks entirely too full of stuff for my taste. I did finally get a big box for Things that Need to Go started. Some of which went back home with my helpers! *grin*

The cat seems much less disconcerted this time around. I think my strategy of doing things early, with lots of help and in stages is keeping me calm, which helps to keep her calm. Not to say she doesn't complain when I take away "her" boxes that she's used to perching on to look out the window. But there has been minimal cold-shouldering and acting out behavior.

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