Joy (cithra) wrote,

stitchin' time

Knitting yesterday evening was fun - like tani_chick I was surprised at how comfortable it was hanging out with a bunch of folks I'd never met. Maybe because we had a ready topic of conversation to hand? It really was fun just knitting in a group, chatting about this and that. The hardest part about yesterday was not pulling out my project and knitting during work.

A post-stitchery trip to Uwadjimia (sp?) led to me wandering the aisles for an hour or so in wonderment. Some of that time was spent looking at ingredients labels, trying to figure out if items were vegetarian or not. I need a Japanese-English food dictionary, I think... I did come home with some Men's Pocky [cue reverb] which is dark chocolate and packaged in green, mainly.

Speaking of work, I'm still supposed to be composing a self-assessment for my annual review. I got an extension, but it's due tomorrow. I hate this sort of thing under the best of circumstances - and since I've spent the last year in various states of between-jobs limbo, I have even less material to draw on than usual. It's just another reminder of how completely superfluous I am. Not that people don't appreciate the things I do, and I pick up a pretty large quotient of slack - but trying to fit what I do into the critical elements of my job description is really quite the exercise in recreational fabrication and spin. Bah.

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