Joy (cithra) wrote,

taking "freaking the mundanes" to new levels

The SciFi channel is doing a reality TV show. Sort of. It's certainly as "real" as any of the others. And for once it sounds like the silly thing might actually be interesting.

It's called Mad Mad House, and the twist (or one of them, rather) is there is a core group of "alternative lifestyle" folks (called Alts, for short) with whom the contestants interact. The alts are the ones who decided who stays and who goes, apparently. The guests/contestants are "normal" as I understand it - or as normal as anyone who wants to be on a reality TV show, at least.

I haven't seen the show - no cable, or I'd never leave the house - but the web site is fairly entertaining. The alts (can't bring myself to capitalize it, though the site does) consist of a naturist (nudist, raw foodist), a modern primitive (tattoos, piercings, suspension), a wiccan/witch, a voudun priestess, and a practicing vampire.[*]

They're in week 2, I guess. I am amused. That line between the ridiculous and the sublime gets thinner and thinner...

[*] The snide part of me says "of course he's practicing, because he's never going to get there!" which is all kinds of disrespectful, but I guess that's my personal bias. Skimming his bio page makes it sound less undead-superpowers and more like energy work with the an it harm none portion of the tenet discarded.

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