Joy (cithra) wrote,

still dragging

Things I've been meaning to mention - figure I'll make a list, then perhaps I'll actually get back to it later. Most of them are about last weekend.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers show was pretty cool. I especially liked the things they did with juggling actuated percussion.

Learned how to assemble and began cleaning the 1897 Winchester 16 gauge shotgun I inherited from my grandfather thru my father. Couldn't have done it without the net - it came to me broken down and wrapped in wool underwear scraps, completely without instructions. A quick search on the web found me both the manufacture date (1902) and how to assemble/disassemble it. It is well machined - when you know how to do it, it goes together quite nicely, even at this late date.

The knitting proceeds apace. I must take back my initial disbelief in the efficacy of tucking one needle under one's arm - works like a charm...

Heading out east to get some more boxes this evening. Where would one get a hand truck, if one were interested in renting or purchasing such an item?

I love my kitty. That is all.

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