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Whee! coffee everywhere. Damn that phone is loud.

I now have a semi-spiffy new phone, since the old one was really showing its age (counts on fingers...) of 4, maybe 5 years. I still have a little trouble reconciling speed of tech development with some things. Computers sure, I'm on top of the rapid development cycle. But phones? Come on - the ur-phone in my head is an old heavy dial model we rented from Pacific Northwest Bell when I was a child. Never mind that phones these days, cell phones in particular, are closer in lineage to computers than they are to that ancient beige beast.

This morning I discovered that my techno-mad north-wall-sharing neighbors were the group out in the jacuzzi at the crack of dawn. I ran into them in the hall on my way to breakfast. Better, one of them (just visiting) is my barista! in the sense that he works at the shop where I get my morning coffee, where they tend to call out "I need a Joy latte!" when I walk in the door... They were all very cute and young and gay (ok, there was one het pair that might or might not have been a couple) and had clearly been up all night hanging out, etc.

The techno-mad part isn't really a problem per se. It's just noticeable, especially because they are night people, and damn it, I'm used to being the only night person up at 4 a.m. *laughs at self* I hear the beat through the wall, and that only when I'm over in the north part of the apartment. Alas, my computer desk and bed are both on - you guessed it - the north wall of the apartment. Since I sleep through small nuclear explosions, the bed is fine; I'm not sure I could move the computer set-up without a lot of wire-stringing. The funny thing is I can't decide if I'm more or less disposed to talk to them about it now that I sort of know who they are. I am a dork sometimes.

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