Joy (cithra) wrote,

today's political opinion (aka carping)

Google News presented me with the following, this morning:

Bush touts relief from taxes while Kerry talks jobs - well, sure. I mean, if you're unemployed, you aren't making much in the way of wages, usually. And even though unemployment benefits are taxed - at least they've altered the forms so you can use the 1040A instead of the full-on 1040 these days to report them - they only last so long, and aren't always that much. So of course your tax bill will be smaller. That's relief from taxes!

The other bit that keeps popping up all over is how the vultures are being repudiated: the Bush campaign ads exploiting 9/11 footage aren't winning the hearts and minds like they were supposed to, apparently. Oops. "Steady Leadership in Times of Change" - oh, that would be the running away part, I guess. Or maybe the steady trickle of jobs and money heading off-shore? Or perhaps the steady refrain of "tax cuts! tax cuts!" as the deficit floods the basement and starts heading for the first floor. Or the steady deterioration of privacy rights?

Bah, I should just sit on my hands. I'm preaching to the choir without a text.

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