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I have a shiny new phone that has plenty of coverage at my new domicile*. I'm keeping my old number, never fear. What this means at the moment is that while I can call out using the new phone, incoming calls still arrive on the old phone. Fortunately this irritation should only persist for the next 18 hours or so at the most. Thus I accomplished my major goal of the day. Now I get to figure out all the bells and whistles on the new handset.

*This was the other problem with my service as it stood until this afternoon - no coverage at the house I'm moving into. So even if I wasn't annoyed with Qwest on general principles, and even if my old handset hadn't developed a habit of beeping Low Battery! at random moments and hanging up on people, I'd still have been goaded into switching fairly early on after moving, I'm sure. Yes, I'm not an avid phone user, but when I want to make a call, damn it, I want the bloody thing to work.

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