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May Day or mayday

It's been one of those up-and-down days.
Frustrated at work because my system permissions have been whittled away to nothing in the training database without a corresponding shift in workload.Coffee at Aurafice with amnotsurly discussing the relative merits of the novel vs the short story for various types of tale.
Bartell Drugs can't find my prescription. Again.Tasty falafel from the Madison Market.
Can't find the etymology website I was sure I bookmarked AND mentioned in my journal.Finally figured out this table thing in HTML. At least sort of.

The up side wins, though - I think I spotted rwx on my way home from the store - not sure, I was trying to leave a phone message re: the prescription follies for my physician, so I was too distracted to try and wave. As much as I may favor it myself, I don't know if I can admit a ponytail to the category of dramatic hairstyles, so perhaps it wasn't him...

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