Joy (cithra) wrote,


According to The Political Compass, I am:

Economic Left/Right: -8.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.03

I also got 12/25 on their Iconochasms quiz - how well do you know your historical idols/icons. At least there were some patterns - I knew the people I knew, and guessed wrong on most of the ones I didn't. I did better with historical folks than the moderns as well...

Working my way down the list of topics one avoids at the dinner table, I was delighted to find that there is a Royal Canin catfood with glucosamine already added as an ingredient (the Senior 26). So I am spared having to wrestle with Xiombarg to get her to eat pills or drops or whatnot. She's an extremely picky eater, but she really likes the Royal Canin foods. In fact, it appears she likes the Senior 26 enough I may have to get some of the reduced calorie and intermix them... They do dog foods as well, for those of you with canine leanings. I get mine from the Mud Bay Grainery stores.

Went to coffee last night with amnotsurly at Aurafice, a pleasant diversion. The agenda for this evening most likely includes housework. I started packing things up this weekend - so far just stuff I plan to get rid of rather than take with when I move. Plus I prefer the apartment to be cluttered rather than cluttered AND filthy when I head out for the weekend. Yurt!

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