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Accidentally opened one of those spam messages with the dada-esque subject lines to find a whole new world of wackiness. I knew lots of these messages end with arbitrary lists of words designed to make spam filters think there is actual content - thanks in part to grouchychris's ruminations a while back.

I am really curious about what kind of method is being used to generate these long chunks of curious nonsense. Do they just run through the dictionary looking for rarely used words - if so, how do they define 'rarely'. I'm sure it's a script of some sort, if for no other reason that they're all spelled correctly.

I'm sure it's nothing special compared to the majority, but this particular set of words has a number of entertaining triplets. Not just the world-weary complaint of the high school literature student in the subject line, but gems like:

  • asocial alcoholic drudgery - does this mean it isn't a script, and some poor person is being paid pennies an hour to painstakingly cull unusual words from Websters?

  • intricate bradley collusion - something to do with tanks?

  • evangelic crispin contributory - Mr. Glover, having had an epiphany, donates the receipts from Willard to the Starving Nuns and Orphans fund?

  • advocate albanian laughter - ah, if our friends to the east would only lighten up!

I could go on... it's like seeing shapes in a fire, or hearing voices in white noise radio static. The human brain's ability to impose pattern is a fine and entertaining thing...

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