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further evidence I'm "unusual"

My boss sent around one of those email 'tests' - it has you do a number of mathematical calculations, then asks you to "quick, think of a color and a tool".

When you scroll down to the finale, it says disingenuously "You thought of a red hammer, didn't you???" then proceeds to inform the 2% of us who pictured, say, blue screwdrivers that we had "'different' or perhaps 'abnormal' brains."

I'm fond of taking these sorts of personality sorting tests just for amusement value - and who knows, you can occasionally learn something from them. But rarely do the more professional versions ladle out the tacit judgment so obviously or so thick. That's fine - me and my possibly abnormal brain will go off over here and amuse ourselves, and someday we'll take over the world!! That's right, we'll be back - you'll be sorry... didn't want to be part of your stupid red-hammer crowd anyway. Hrumph.

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