Joy (cithra) wrote,

nothing to say I ain't said before

A fairly quiet weekend that just happened to be away from the computer. Was slaughtered a number of times at Scrabble by various folks. I think at times my vocabulary works against me - I make lots of medium length words worth 7-10 points, while my opponents put down TO or BY such that they score 70-100.

That's exaggerating a bit, but I do tend to be drawn toward making words I find interesting at the sacrifice of strategy. I think this is part of what turned me off on Scrabble when I learned to play as a child and had even less notion of the strategy side of things. It's a game everyone (including myself) assumes I would be really good at, but the only person I win against at all consistently is my mother, and she beats me about half the time; I'm guessing we have some of the same bad habits. cjot regularly kicks my ass up and down the street because she's got the strategy down cold as well as a strong vocabulary. I'll never make a competition Scrabble player because I can't conceive of anything duller than memorizing lists of legal two and three letter words, word stems, etc. Slow torture! I even found myself vaguely offended by the people in Word Freak who memorized word lists without caring what the words actually mean...

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