Joy (cithra) wrote,

I'm really curious as to why my reaction to the announcement that Bush wants to put astronauts back on the moon and send human explorers to Mars is "Grrrr, get the hell away from my space program" rather than happiness or pleasure. A sense of not wanting him to screw NASA up the way he's munged up everything from the tax system to international politics to civil rights reforms, perhaps? Or is it simply that I don't believe a word of it - it sounds pretty, but like so many other grand pronouncements he's made, when it gets to be time to actually pay for such a program, I doubt much actual money will be appropriated. See also: AIDS funds to Africa, No Child Left Behind, etc.

Not all of that is entirely the administration's fault - Congress has become incredibly irresponsible regarding budget appropriations, as we judder along under continuing resolution after continuing resolution. Hello, we are into the second quarter of the fiscal year, still without a budget!

Maybe someone told him there is oil on Mars.

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