Joy (cithra) wrote,

what is this thing called sleep?

Watched a Vin Diesel flick this evening - A Man Apart. It was ok - I wasn't expecting too much, and it didn't disappoint. I may have missed something somewhere along the line, but at the end I was left wondering why a number of things happened the way they did. But the actors all gave good performances, and that managed to carry the film enough for me to not regret renting it.

You know that annoying thing drivers do, where they are dawdling along until you try to pass them, then they speed up so you can't? In the last week or so that's happened to me on foot three or four times. It's just as annoying.

I made my hair red. I think when the roots grow out to being distracting again (about six months or so) I'll probably cut it.

Hmm, I'm actually feeling sleepy enough to try for a nap before it's time to drag myself off to work.

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