Joy (cithra) wrote,

today's lunch: a tasty melange of verbiage

I forgot to mention that Paycheck is set in Seattle, which always delights me. On the other hand, it was filmed in Vancouver BC, thus the transit busses and the street signs are the wrong colors, for that extra touch of PKD cognitive dissonance. It was also amusing when they were supposedly chasing around in the downtown core - they got the street names right ("Catch them at 6th & Pine!") but failed to bother with any of the one-way-street-ness that can make navigating such a pain. Really there were quite a few nice scene-setting touches for me as a local.

Yesterday I saw The Triplets of Belleville (which I cannot stop myself from referring to as "the Triplets of Bellevue"). One of the odder pieces of animation I've seen, I must say. I was entirely unmoved (and close to leaving early from boredom, actually) until the ending sequence, which easily made up for the tedium of the first part. I'd recommend watching it on DVD where you can cut to the chase, so to speak, if you are as underwhelmed as I was by the first part of the film.

The best part of the experience, though, was getting to see the Dali/Disney film Destino, and not just because Rob Brezsny referred to it in the 12/18/2003 horoscope for Libra. It was pretty amazing, and plenty surreal. That I want to see again, definitely.

I'm seriously considering getting rid of all of my cds and getting an iPod. Need to do more research, still - but the thought just keeps coming back. I'm actually going to be getting rid of a fair bit of stuff in the next couple of months, preparatory to moving, regardless of where I move to. Even books.

I need more coffee, and I've babbled enough for the moment.

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