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mission accomplished - 3 for 3

Went down to Weatherfest, talked to the people I wanted to talk to, saw some cool stuff. The Army Corps of Engineers had brought a model of flood plain mechanics showing different types of things people do (or don't do) to mitigate flooding - berms, levees, building on stilts, etc. It was complete with a wetland which then had a piece they inserted to show the effect of developing/draining the wetlands, and how much more prone to flooding an area becomes when that natural reservoir is removed from the cycle. Personally, I've always sort of figured wetlands were wet for a reason, and if you develop that land the water has to go somewhere, so why be surprised when it ends up in your basement? Got to see it happen up close and personal in Bellingham back when they built the Bellis Fair mall, paved a huge swath of land without planning for drainage, and suddenly had several feet of flood water on the roads in the area after the next heavy rain. Oops.

Then I wandered off to the theater and saw Paycheck. A tidy little John Woo movie, based on a Philip K. Dick story. I really enjoyed it. Not because it was a Masterpiece of Modern Film-making so much as it delivered on everything it promised.

It was a true to the old form John Woo piece, with all the appropriate touches - birds, explosions, friends who end up on opposite sides of an issue, the honorable cop with the less honorable superior, the strong female (Uma Thurman, who I find very attractive when she's kicking ass) lead who manages to be both feminine and tough, the classic Woo stand-off with two people pointing guns at each other's noses... really, it was all there, the perfect melding of the sensibility I love from his early Hong Kong flicks married nigh-perfectly with 'Hollywood' actors, special effects, and so forth. Hey, even the science was a good deal less bogus than it often is - far fetched, yes, but still within the realm of SF rather than outright fantasy. It was a grand romp, and if you like Woo's films I'd say give it a chance. Don't let the previews or the presence of Ben Affleck keep you away. And Paul Giamatti does an excellent turn in a side-kick-esque role - he's very familiar looking to me, although a scan of his acting credits doesn't turn up many films of his that I've actually seen...

Then I stopped at the store on the way home and got laundry soap, which was the thing I had been forgetting to get the last couple of times I'd gone shopping.

So yeah, a good day all in all.

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