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SF Weekly & stuff

From the SF Weekly:

New Geoff Ryman! Air sounds really interesting, and plus maybe he'll come through town and read again... *bounce*

The Return of the Guilt is a thought-provoking editorial about emotional reaction to Jackson's The Return of the King. Or maybe I just like it because I felt a similar way, and I am happy to identify yet another ingredient in the melange of my reactions to the movie.

Plus, Pigs in Spaaaaaaaaace!

Yes, I've replaced the battery on my Mothership motherboard and am back on-line at home for the low, low price of $3.26 with tax. Whee! Blessings on the heads of uly and cjot for providing post-prandial transportation.

The cell phone is another matter altogether, about which I am still dithering. A new battery would be $35 minimum, I'd probably have to have it ordered in, and I don't necessarily trust the phone proper to last much longer anyway - thanks Planned Obsolescence Man! And for some wacky reason I really cotton to the idea of a camera phone.

No, it makes no sense at all, I just do. Probably because they're a couple of things it would never occur to me to combine, though apparently they complement each other fine. Next they'll be putting peanut butter in my chocolate or some such nonsense.

It's been so far so good with getting messages and calls out of the bloody thing today, so I will tentatively declare it open again as a means of communication. For what that is worth.

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